Shomari Osakwe Ali is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Functional Training Specialist and a Precision Nutrition Certified Level One Nutrition Coach with 10+ years experience in the fitness industry. 

"Patience and consistency have been some of the keys to my success as a coach. I am committed to respecting the process. My clients are not interested in quick fixes and short-lived results. We strive together to develop personalized strategies for life-long changes."


"Working with Shomari over the last year or so has shown me that strength training is not something women should shy away from due to fears of getting "too big" and not looking thin. I have become so much stronger and established healthier eating habits in the last year, seeing my entire body composition change dramatically. I have found myself becoming much leaner and muscular and just generally feeling better as a result. Shomari has also helped me come up with a more general fitness regime so I can continue building on my progress even on days that we do not see each other. It hasn't been an easy or quick process by any means, but nothing worthwhile is. I am proud of what I've been able to accomplish and am grateful for Shomari for helping me work towards my goals and reshaping my prior incorrect assumptions about working with weights. Shomari is the best!"

- Jackie Werner


"I never used to like going to the gym because I didn’t know what exercises to do, or how to use the equipment. I was introduced to Shomari almost two years ago, and since then all of my anxieties have subsided. Shomari is always patient, and takes time to teach me the correct ways to implement each movement. During the time I have been working with Shomari, my body has transformed in ways that I did not think were possible. I am stronger, leaner, and have a deeper understanding of the importance of physical well-being. I will be forever grateful to Shomari, and can’t wait to keep working together for years to come!"


- Emily Lewis


 "I really want to encourage people to work with Shomari because he is an inspiring and wonderfully motivating person. Does he have a thorough and impressive understanding of how to achieve a wide variety of fitness goals? Yes! He just makes it super fun to work out. Amazing how much better I feel since I have been working with him."


- Jennifer Neff

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